Economic empowerment

To close the wealth gap, we have a responsibility to place wealth back into the communities deprived of economic growth and opportunity. Economic empowerment gives power and authority back to the people in these communities, and allows them to make stronger financial choices; exercise control over personal finances; and identify solutions to securing a better financial future.
— the urban money project

Achieving upward mobility is one of the core founding principles of The Urban Money Project. The economic empowerment project serves as a reminder that people can take control of their financial lives and experience socioeconomic mobility, even when systems are designed against them. The Urban Money Project educates others on how money works in America, calls forward the barriers of entry to wealth, and provides guidance on how to navigate those barriers of entry.

Through a series of workshops, online classes, and “InfoSocial” gatherings, The Urban Money Project brings people together for open dialogue, moments of reflection, and a desire to grow and mobilize socioeconomically.


Let’s talk about money

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