the urban money project

Photographed by: ThirdPupil and IvoryColors

Photographed by: ThirdPupil and IvoryColors

Only change [can] make noise
— Mom

Coretta Mondesir, founder and Principal

Coretta is a project management professional with interdisciplinary interests in economics, urbanism, and social justice. Coretta’s purpose is to share information, inspire others, and move the needle closer to equality.

Note from Coretta:

Foremost, thank you for visiting the site! It’s been an incredible experience to show the world just how much I care about well, everything: people, the built environment, money, the Earth, etc.

A question that I get often, “Why [the name] Urban Money?”

With a passion for inclusive cities, this organization was created to close the wealth gap. When we think about the wealth gap, the operative word “wealth” makes us think about “money”. However, there are so many factors that feed into wealth that has absolutely nothing to do with earning a paycheck; i.e. the color of your skin, the neighborhood you’re from, the education you’ve received, the resources available to you, the list goes on. While I continue to focus on economic empowerment, the projects affiliated with the other branches are just as meaningful to bridging the gap.

I’m determined to show the world that I can ‘walk and chew gum’, I can care about more than one thing at a time, and still remain focused on the goal at hand. Definitely check out our projects, let us know if you love what we put out, because I love sharing with you!

Thank you for your support!

it’s better to stand up for nothing, than to sit down for nothing.
— mom